Star’s Amazing Journey Erupts Into Fraud Lawsuit

In 1970, Sixto Rodriguez was allegedly urged by the future chairman of Motown Records to write under “Jesus Rodriguez” to avoid prior contractual obligations.

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The Fundamentals of Music Marketing

The music industry is in a constant state of change. That being said, this video from August 2012 could almost be considered out of date. However Jim Dittmar from My Cheap Jobs brings ups some good points about music marketing. Many can even be applied to any sort of business. Here I’ve compiled a list of highlights.

  • It takes serious a dedication of time to reach your true marketing potential.
  • For every hour you spend on creating your music or developing your production, you should be spending at least 10 times that marketing it.
  • No one will care, or know more about your product than you.
  • You have to market every single day.
  • You should constantly be thinking of new ways to get your product or music out to more people.
  • Try new things and decide what does and doesn’t work.
  • You have to constantly present on social media.
  • You just need to be willing to step up. Do the research, and get the job done. Dedication is key to marketing.

How have you been marketing yourself?