“Frozen” Making Dreams Come True

I was a little late coming into the “Frozen” game. The first time I saw this newest Disney animated film was late in it’s days at the theaters, and I loved it! I had heard A LOT about the film prior to seeing it, but at first it failed to keep my attention long enough to make me want to see it.

However, last month I went to see Demi Lovato on her Neon Lights Tour in Houston, TX and when she performed her power ballad version of the hit (and now Oscar-winning) song, Let It Go, the energy of the arena hit unheard of levels. It was then that I decided maybe I should actually check out the film.

But what I really want to talk about is the unbelievable impact this film has had on one person in particular.

Idina Menzel voices the misunderstood Queen Elsa with a power that she can’t control. Her version of Let It Go which has sold 1.8 million downloads propelling her in a direction she has always dreamed of. Pop music.

I was no stranger to Menzel and her work, but working primarily on  Broadway, I never expected that she dreamed of a recording deal in pop. But with the success of “Frozen”, and the new attention it is bringing, she might finally have the chance to take a new step in her career.

There’s a lot more to her story than that, and I’d highly recommend reading her cover story for Billboard here.

What did you think of Frozen, and it’s super hit Let It Go?


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