From Pop Star to Viral Video Master

Sometimes you get lucky and find a band or artist that comes to mean the world to you. For me that band is called McFly, a British pop/rock band that I was introduced to the summer before my freshman year of high school. Eight years later, and still hold them very near and dear to my heart. 

Times have changed though now, and while I’m still waiting with baited breath for a long awaited Album 6 along with legions of other McFly fans around the world, that doesn’t mean we’ve been left out of the loop.

Fans have watched these 4 individuals grow from being goofy-looking teens to grown adult men (for particularly dedicated fans, this is a hard pill to swallow.)

But even as these four guys grow and live their lives, they choose to let the fans see it it all.

When one of the lead singers, Tom Fletcher, got married just over a year ago, he dreaded giving a speech. So instead he wrote a song. Using a melody of McFly hits, he wrote and sang his speech to the reception, and the resulting video became a YouTube hit! So far his wedding speech as almost 13,000,000 views.

And now, a year later he’s done it again, this time with a time lapse video and an original song of his wives pregnancy with their first child. Ever since it’s upload four days ago, it has been a trending topic on Facebook, hoards of other social media, and even a mention on Good Morning America.

All I can say is I’m proud to be a McFly fan.


Have you seen these videos circulating? What do you think?


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