Beats Music: New Fad or the Big Game Changer

12SOUND1_SPAN-master675-v2 Instant streaming seems to be the latest and greatest in the world of music consumption. Apps and websites like Spotify, Pandora, and a whole host of other ventures provide music instantly to millions of listeners. But is this helping or hurting the music industry? That is the big question.

The fact is, these sites with the option of free play greatly reduce the royalty cuts going to the songwriters. The rates do increase when consumers purchase monthly subscriptions, but only the minority decides to pull out that credit card to hand over $10 a month for very nearly unlimited access to music.

Enter Beats Music.

With an all-star team at the helm, Beats Music is looking to change the world of instant streaming with their new platform.

But what makes Beats Music different?

It is the first platform of it’s kind to deny the free-listening option. It is meant to be 100% advertisement free. A risky movie when it is believed that only 2 million out of Spotify’s 9 million subscribers actually pay for the service.

Ben Sisario from The New York Times wrote a piece on the new service and explains their strategy.

 The strategy for Beats Music is twofold: Be a smooth, entertaining and convincingly human guide to the cluttered universe of digital music, and exploit the power of its headphone brand through aggressive marketing.

That marketing campaign will include a major integration deal with AT&T, regular plugs on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and even a Super Bowl ad — a blitz not seen in digital music since the days of Apple’s dancing-silhouette iTunes commercials.

Click here to read the rest of Sisario’s article.

What do you think of Beats Music? Do you think they have a chance to make waves in the Online Streaming market?


2 thoughts on “Beats Music: New Fad or the Big Game Changer”

  1. I’ve discovered a lot of new music I never would have picked up thanks to the social aspect of music streaming sites like Spotify and Rdio. I am a monthly subscriber to Rdio – mostly for the option of having music on my mobile device. I’ve even gone so far as to directly purchase a few albums that I’ve been exposed to thanks to these sites. I think Rdio is doing it the right way – I don’t pay for no ads, I pay for extra features.

    1. That’s great! See I like it when services like that actually work for their intended use and people actually buy the music they’ve found. Does the app use up some of your data plan or internet on your mobile device?

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