One Direction Named Most Popular Recording Artist for 2013 | Billboard


There is no arguing the fact that One Direction have been making waves in the pop music world since they made their debut in the 2010.

This week, the IFPI went so far as to award the boys of 1D as the “Global Recording Artist” for 2013. This brand new award is the first of it’s kind to account for music sales and plays through many of todays platforms, from digital sales, CDs, and even instant streaming. You can read more in this article published by Billboard’s Lars Brandle

One Direction Named Most Popular Recording Artist for 2013 | Billboard.

What do you think? Do they deserve to be named the Most Popular Recording Artist for 2013? Who else would you have liked to see with the title?


11 thoughts on “One Direction Named Most Popular Recording Artist for 2013 | Billboard”

  1. I know that One Direction is really popular with teens, but I think Bruno Mars deserves the award. His music is fresh and his stage show has that Motown theme, which I think is great!

    1. The only stage show I’ve seen from him would be his Super Bowl performance, but I really liked it! The Motown theme really was cool to see. I know a lot of people were rather critical about him being the performer, but I don’t quite understand that. He’s extremely relevant at the moment, and I have a lot of respect for him as a musician. I don’t know his catalog backwards and forwards, but I liked the progression between his first album to the second. It felt to me like he had achieved enough success, that he was able to take a risk and try and bring some of that retro feel back and pulled it off well.

  2. Bruno Mars was mentioned on the news today. They talked about how his Superbowl show was clean and family friendly, unlike some of the previous years where the entertainers stirred up a lot of controversy.

    1. I’ll definitely give you that one! Sometimes I wonder if the they think the real show has more to do with some sort of scandal, rather than a musical performance. And that really goes for any large scale event, not just the Super Bowl half time show.

  3. I suppose “deserve” is relative. They sold the most, so they got the title. My music tastes lean away from these guys, so I didn’t contribute to that number by purchasing their album or singles, but apparently quite a few people did.

    1. It’s definitely relative. I happen to be a huge fan, but I can respect other peoples views. The great thing about music is that there is something for everyone. Even if One Direction isn’t your cup of tea, I’m sure there are many artists who are. This award was clearly just a numbers game. In an ideal world, who would you have liked to see with the most album sales and streams?

  4. My daughter has loved One Direction from the beginning. I loved the fact that Simon Cowell put all of them together and came up with a great boy band. Just recently I have fallen in love with their new song, Story of My Life. I think they are a very reputable band and deserve the award.

    1. If you like Story of My Life, I’d definitely recommend giving their newest album a good listen too! Especially Strong, Happily, and Through The Dark. It’s very different from the bubblegum pop of their earlier days. I think many people are very quick to judge them for being a boy band, but I enjoy their music and I think they’re really cool guys. I am undeniably a fan!

  5. Personally I think there are loads of better candidates for best artist then some boy band that just sings for little girls… My opinion but I MUCH prefer when artist’s lyrics are full of passion and real emotions, not just meaningless words mixed with beats..

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